happy new year

feliz ano nuevo 

happy new year

new beginnings are coming i know it 

new friends new boys new lovers and new problems lol 

cant complain i had a ok 2012 but  fuck it i was ready 

for this 2013 i have a feeling this is going to be MY YEAR !!!! 

FUCK WHAT ANYONE SAYS!!! i will go to the places i wanna 

visit and i will find my one and only ..  eventhough  i think i found him 

but i cant say anything yet and only because .... i dont wanna jinx nothing 

its not serious just yet but hes amazing .. but you know what they say those are the ones you really gotta keep an eye out because you never know 

they can turn out to be them crazy killers ... hahahahahahaha dont want none  of that

ok so enough about me , now YOU how would you describe your 2012 

 and what do YOU LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2013???



 anyways i must go now 

i got a LAKERS Game on at 7:30 

cant miss that !! not ever 


GO LAKERS !!!!!! 

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