Happy (:

I can honestly say that I am completely Happy with my life right now. I've never been that kinda girl that needs a man , or a whole Bunch of friends to keep me Happy .  All I need is family because let's be honest , people who u call.friends end up back stabbing you . Those people aren't really Ur friends unfortunately for me I had to learn that the hard way . But whatever who needs friends when u have a great man and Ur family right ??? And I know I said I didn't need a boyfriend to keep me Happy and I don't , but I have been single for quite a while , and this time he just happened to catch my attention, it was completely different the way he talked to me., he was sweet , gentle with his words, a complete gentleman . He is everything I've been wanting and maybe more , I won't say he's perfect  because he has his flaws which I absolutely adore ,  I like him flaws and all . We aren't anything serious yet . I guess you can say we are taking it day by day. See where this takes us .  All I do know is he likes , just like I like him. So that's a start .  I know I totally changed the subject from talking about fake friends to happiness but I had to because well I'm very Happy. Finally!!!  I deserve to be Happy  and thanks to my Romeo he's making me feel that way . He gives Me those butterflies , that weak in the knees feeling . With just one touch, one kiss , his hugs are the best ,  his.kisses even better .  When he holds my hand I feel safe .  He's my Lil ray of sunshine .  Okay well anyways had to get that off my chest .  Im just so Happy . 

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    June 06, 2017