bad boy ...

hmmmm .. i want much more with this man or so i think  .. i say man because he is much older than me . and ive known the man since i was 16 he was well old  .. yup weve known eachother that damn long !! and HE  recently contacted ME, i didnt have to go outta my own way to do so ,..  so that lets me know that hes still thinking about me ;) makes me feel special .. lol how fucken gay huh ..  hes cute like one of them bad boys cute mhmmm, ive always been attracted to them ALWAyS! AND it never gets me no where never , and when the good ones want me i dont because i just want a bad one ..anyways , just had a fucken bust my ass workout and im tireddddd ! 





woman , whats your preference , bad boy or good boy ??


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Comments (2)

  1. gina2me

    I have a bad boy that treats me sooooo good heehee!

    July 17, 2012
  2. thatsamoreebaby21

    lol good for you , me too ! but our relationship is somewhat weird

    July 19, 2012