50 shades darker pt 2 and this weekend ...

i finished this book yesterday ...  and omg !!  surprise surprise ... they get married !!  sorry spoiler alert!! but yeah  and omfg ! im now on thee last book ! just started this morning .. i simply cannot get enough ! i think im going to have to re-read and what not just because im that hooked ... but in other words ..HOW WAS yOUR WEEKEND!?  mine was something else ... i went over to my godmamas house  and her roommates brother was there .. and holy hell  he is thee most handsome guy ive ever laid eyes on !  mind you he is a wee bit older and by older i mean like 30 lmao .. and im only 21 but age aint nothing but a number ,,, and so we were chilling and talking and he asked me if i was married .. i was like no way im only 21 and he said he asked because i do have a ring on my ring finger (i really should not wear it there) and hes like ohh okay good ,becuase either way id still talk to you ...  i blushed because this meant he was flirting no ?? lol omg i just cant get him outta my head ! like i wanna see him again .. which i might do sometime this week ... anyone have any advice ?? you know being that hes older much older..  but enough of that , i also went to go see savages  that was a good fucking movie except for blake lively coming out as a hoochie fucking those 2 guys ... lol 

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